5 Tips for Picking the Right Paint Color

Painting can be a cheap way to give your old, drab room a new and exciting look, but can be difficult to decide on what color to go with. Just walking into the paint section at your local home improvement store can be overwhelming with all of the choices, color families, shades, finishes, etc. Here are some tips to make this stressful process a little easier.

Don’t pick the paint color first

I know it seems natural to pick the color for your room first, it’s much easier to choose a color that goes with your furniture rather than to chose new decor and furniture to go with your paint color.

Do Your Homework

Before even walking into the store, get an idea of the colors you like. Look through decorating blogs, instagrams, or through the internet and get a sense of the look and style you are going to go for. Create a pinterest board to pin your favorite looks so you can have a place to store your ideas and also take with you when you go to pick out your paint color. Whatever colors you gravitate towards first is what you should go with.

Learn About Colors

After you have a general idea, ask a professional at the paint store to take a look at your colors, explain the room and furniture of the room, and get his or her feedback. They can help you in understanding the color wheel, shades, hue, tint, tone, and creating color schemes. Here is a short video for a better understanding of these terms.

paint (1)

Test, Test, Test

Purchase testers in a few shades of the color you like. They’re only a few bucks and definitely worth it. Paint them all next to each other in an area on the wall. Keep a look out for the changes in light throughout the day and how the effect each color. Make sure to take note as to how your furniture and carpet or flooring looks with it.

The Finish Line

Congrats you’re passed the hardest part! Well, maybe. Now it’s time to pick the finishing touches on the paint. Here are some guidelines to look at when deciding what finish to go with:

paint finishes (1)

These tips are very important to consider when deciding on a new color. Like I said, it can be tricky and sometimes stressful. Using these to your advantage can significantly help the process. Happy paint picking!