screenshot-2017-02-14-13-20-58Hi everyone! I’m Tara. I’m currently a senior from Drexel University in Philly. In June, I’ll be graduating with my degree in Public Relations.

I started to become interested in interior designing, decorating, and organizing when I first came to college. It was important to me to be in a space that I felt comfortable and happy in, especially because I would get so homesick from my family and home back in Pittsburgh. Creating a space (well basically a corner in my dorm) freshman year made me feel more secure, not to mention, I learned my love for decorating.

In the past five years I have lived in three separate dorms/suites, an apartment, and now, am currently working on a house in Pittsburgh that I will be moving into with my boyfriend after graduation. Even though I only called the first few places home for a small amount of time, I would always try my best to decorate and style it, which was a very hard thing to do on the typical broke college girl budget I was (and still am) on.

I started this blog to help other college students and young adults achieve their ideal, yet affordable space. I understand the struggles and have gained a lot of experience along with creating my own sense of style. Whatever place you call home, should feel like a home, and I’m here to help you do it!