Spice Up Where the Magic Happens: DIY Upholstered Headboard

The upholstered headboard look is very in, but of course also very expensive. After days of searching everywhere for a cheap one for the spare bedroom, I came across some Pinterest ideas to make our own.

This DIY project is relatively easy and quick project that will save you some money while also allowing you to pick out the exact fabric that you want to achieve the perfect look for your room. This project can cost from $50-200, and depends on the choice of fabric that you use, but is significantly cheaper than the headboards in stores.


Step 1: Choose the shape you want. There are a ton of cool shapes you can choose from. Here are some below.


Step 2: Determine the size. Measure your bed and decide how high you want the headboard to be on the wall. Measure from the ground up to the spot on the wall to get your height. Next, measure the width of your bed. Add a few inches if you want the headboard to go slightly over the sides of the bed. Now get the height and width of the plywood that will be the actual headboard. Make sure the headboard extends below your bed, so measure from the spot on the wall where the headboard hits and measure down behind your bed a few inches.

Step 3: Trace your shape. This could be the hardest step depending on you the style you chose. This step will take some trial and error. And also some creativity on your part. Some people say bowls work good for round edges and pool noodles work because they can bend. Mark the top center of the wood and two points on each side to ensure that your curves are symmetrical. Then trace the shape of the curves with a sharpie.

Step 4: Cut your wood. Once it’s measured and marked off, use a saw to start the cutting process. If you don’t have a saw or are a little iffy on doing it yourself, you can take it to Home Depot or Lowe’s and they will do it for a small fee. They can also help you with the shape, so this might be the best bet.

Step 5: Cut your foam. Once the actual headboard is cut out, place the foam on top, trace it, and cut it. Place it aside.

Step 6: Connect your frame and headboard. Lay down your 2x4s to create the basic frame. Place the plywood headboard on top and line up all your edges. Use a drill bit to create holes for the screws and screw each piece through. Make sure they are very secure and sturdy.

Step 7: Glue the foam onto the headboard. Using a generous amount of tacky glue, stick the foam onto the headboard. Make sure all the sides are even as can be. Next lay the batting on the ground and then lay the headboard face down onto it. Tightly pull and wrap the batting around to the back of the headboard, securing it with the staple gun. The batting creates a smooth surface for the fabric to go over top of while also providing the headboard with more cushion.

Step 8: Almost done. Get your fabric out and do the same thing that you did with the batting. Pay close attention to creating a smooth surface because you don’t want to have to take the staples out and then re staple.
And there you go! This simple DIY project will take no longer than a few hours and is totally worth it. You can make a quality piece of furniture for nearly a quarter of the retail cost and will give your bedroom the sophisticated look you’re searching for.


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