Making the Most of Your Space

Many people can relate to the stresses of wanting a stylish and tasteful space, but not having the funds to put into it. Transforming your space on a budget will take patience and time. Make sure you set realistic expectations and goals to help yourself from not getting discouraged. These steps are very simple, yet can make a world of difference

  • Brighten up boring walls. Plain walls can make a room look dreary and dull, especially the plain white ones in the dorms or apartments if you can’t paint. Whether you can paint or not, there are a lot of unique things you can try to bring life to the room. Chasing Paper makes easily removable peel-and-stick wallpaper. They have endless styles and designs that are guaranteed to make your room pop with personality. Another idea is to set up a gallery of photos. Creating a montage of photos can be tricky, so visit this site to learn the do’s and don’t’s to set one up. Cute frames can be cheap at places like TJ Maxx or Marshalls, but if your budget needs some TLC look into washi tape to frame around your photos. Washi tape is also great for creating designs. Tapestries can be another idea for above your bed or for any plain space.peel-stick-wallpaper
  • Add plants. Bring some life into your space with some greenery. Not only can plants give your space into and clean and polished look, but also are a huge health benefit according to treehugger. Plants clean and purify the air and also provide more oxygen. They have also been known to sharpen focus and attentiveness and very useful in covering up chords or blemishes on the wall. Plants are a win/win and an affordable way to spruce up your place. I found this link to be very helpful in finding what plants are best for what uses. If you have a busy college schedule or are logging in a lot of hours at work, look for plants that don’t need watered a lot like succulents.plants
  • Maximize your space. When trying to make all of your stuff fit in a small space AND trying to make it look chic, can get a bit frustrating. Make the most of every inch and pick furniture that does double duty. Futons are awesome for turning your living room into a spare bedroom. This saves a lot of space and gives your guest something a little more comfortable to sleep on rather than a couch. Ottomans with storage can be turned into the ultimate trifecta by adding a serving tray on the top. Target has a nice selection of affordable trays that are guaranteed to make your space more stylish while giving your ottoman an additional use. For dorm rooms, bed risers are a necessity. These give you a great amount of storage so use it! For apartments, look into beds that have storage such as dressers under them. Or even a bed frame that allows you to store stuff under the entire mattress.plants-1
  • How to light up your room. In some dorms or older apartments the lighting can be a struggle. You could either have that annoying, fluorescent, too bright lighting or the dark and dingy lighting. Even if your main source of light is perfect, it’s still nice to have a second source that creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The stringed Christmas lights can be a bit tacky and overused sometimes but knowing where to place them and what to add to them can make a more sophisticated feel. Paper lanterns can also be a great way and inexpensive way to light up your space. Another great way to add a little extra to your space is to re-vamp your lamp! Lamps can get pricey so why not give them a makeover. One of my favorite ideas is to find the perfect fabric and re cover the lampshade. It can change the entire vibe of a room. Here are some other DIY ideas for re-doing lamps.plants-2
  • Get organized. Living in small areas can cause the smallest of messes to look like huge ones. Consolidate your storage space and create more by designing a cleaning door. Use an over the door shoe organizer and place your cleaning products in it. You can put this over my laundry room door. It’s organized, out-of-the-way, and gives you more cabinet space for pots and pans where you previously stored cleaning products. Another great idea is a pot lid organizer. This is greatest invention ever and inexpensive as well. It hangs on your cabinet door and organizes your lids. No more fighting with the annoying mountain of pots and lids. Build your own rolling storage pantry to put in the extra space between your wall and fridge. Not great at building projects? Here’s a link to buy it for $26. Magnet strips can be another amazing addition to your organizational idea stash. By gluing a magnetic strip to the bottom of your cabinet shelf, you can stick mason jars filled with your small things such as hair ties, cotton balls, bobby pins, etc. You could also use this idea in your fridge. Glue a magnet to the top of your jars of jelly, garlic, peppers, etc. and place them on the magnet strip. This gives you a lot more room in your shelves on the sides of your fridge.plants-5

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